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    KDI hosts Manufacturing Day 2018

  • Congratulations, Dr. Doane.

    Congratulations, Dr. Doane.

    A researcher whose influence spans the globe.

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    Award-winning Manufacturing - 3 Years in a Row

  • Kent Displays continues to FLEX its industry leadership

    Kent Displays continues to FLEX its industry leadership

    KDI's own Asad Khan & Erica Montbach were in attendence


A cholesteric liquid crystal display (ChLCD) is a display containing a liquid crystal with a helical structure and which is therefore chiral. Cholesteric liquid crystals are also known as chiral nematic liquid crystals.

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Roll-to-roll manufacturing of flexible materials is a well known art. High volume manufacturing of liquid crystal displays and functional liquid crystal panels is a well-known art.

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The eWriter works on the principle of anisotropic flow, a unique feature of cholesteric liquid crystals, in which crystals flow at different rates, depending on the direction of pressure being applied.

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