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Add Electronic Write & Erase Functionality to Anything
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Boogie Board® Writeable Surfaces

Add Electronic Write & Erase Functionality to Anything


  • Writes and maintains image using no power
  • Erases with a simple low-voltage pulse
  • Low-cost component
  • Always “on” and ready to write
  • Writes with any tool or even just a fingernail
  • Flexible, ultra-thin
  • Customizable colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Scalable - Can fit in a pocket or fill a wall
  • Opaque or semi-transparent for layered effect
  • Durable, splashproof
  • Simple electronic integration

Even in today’s connected world, nothing beats the simplicity that comes with writing by hand.

Boogie Board® is the worldwide leader in low-power, low-cost electronic writing technology. The tech can add handwritten convenience, paperless peace of mind, and mess-free ease to almost any product design.

Boogie Board® Writable Surface technology consists of a pressure-sensitive, American-made liquid crystal display. Integration with electronics for erasing, digitization or other functionality can be provided by Kent Displays as part of a component spec, or product developers can design their own electronics according to their vision.