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Kent Displays Technical Services

Kent Displays Technical Services Team helps their partners develop and scale the production of components using flexible, functional materials to commercial volumes.

We are contract manufacturer that specializes in feasibility, prototyping, scale up and high-volume production of components made of flexible, functional materials.

How We Can Help Scale Your Production

  • Evaluate the feasibility of scaling your manufacturing project
  • Design, test and manufacture flexible film components
  • Cut flexible plastic parts to high precision at high volume using lasers and rotary die methods
  • Print by flexo and rotary screen decorative and functional materials
  • Perform laminating, rewinding and corona treating
  • Identify and coordinate supply chain solutions – specialties include coated plastic film
  • Test process equipment – try out your idea on our equipment before deciding to commit to the investment

Why We Are the Right Partner to Help You Scale

Kent Displays Technical Services has the right skills, supply chain connections, equipment and a tested process to easily scale up your component production.

As a global leader in flexible device technology, we have world-class expertise in roll-to-roll manufacturing of components made of functional, flexible materials; including electro-optic devices, liquid crystal films and face shield lenses.

Using its proprietary manufacturing processes and equipment, we have produced more than 20 million flexible liquid crystal displays for the award-winning reusable writing tablet brand, Boogie Board.

How We Work Together

Kent Displays Technical Services uses a five-step process to scale up your manufacturing needs. Any engagement can start or stop at any point in this process:

  1. Listen - Understand customer requirements and conceptualize production process
  2. Feasibility - Demonstrate technology made by roll-to-roll compatible processes
  3. Prototype - Refine product and develop specifications
  4. Scale up - Initial production and problem solving
  5. Manufacture – High volume production with process and quality controls

Get Started

Interested in learning more? Email Don Davis to learn more about how we can help you.