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Kent Displays Appoints Dr. Albert Green Advisor to Board of Directors
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Kent Displays Appoints Dr. Albert Green Advisor to Board of Directors

KENT, OHIO (March 8, 2019) – Kent Displays Inc., today announced that long-serving CEO, Dr. Albert Green, will serve the company as an Advisor to its Board of Directors. As an advisor, Dr. Green, will provide valuable consultancy to the Board of Directors, lending his expertise for harnessing private-public sector relationships, education outreach, and proven knack for publicity.

For Dr. Green, this new role endcaps 11 years as CEO for Kent Displays. Under Dr. Green’s leadership, Kent Displays worked to create an entirely new product category and brand. Boogie Board® is now recognized in over 46 countries and thousands of retailers as the world’s number one electronic writing tablet.

“Through Kent Displays, Dr. Green worked passionately to reshape the perception of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. I’m happy that we’ll continue to maintain a relationship with Dr. Green advocating for high technology in manufacturing and education,” said company President, Joel Domino.

“We first met in 2001 when Dr. Green managed a large, federally funded technical services contract at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). They were the prime contractor and Kent Displays was a principle subcontractor. That effort focused on making flexible liquid crystal displays (LCD’s) using our patented low-power Cholesteric Liquid Crystal technology. The technology and know-how that we developed became the foundation of our future products,” Domino said.

Dr. Green would later be named CEO of Kent Displays in 2007.  During his tenure, the company transformed from an R&D company focused on licensing, to a consumer products company focused on the design, manufacture, and sale of a new product category, dubbed eWriters and sold under the Boogie Board brand name.

The first Boogie Board eWriter was sold in 2010 and quickly gained traction in the marketplace. The fun, low-cost device offers a writing experience that feels just like pen on paper. The product line has since grown to include new models, offering a “solution for every writer”.  To date, over 13M units have been sold in over 46 countries across the globe. In the US, Boogie Board products are sold in most major U.S. retailers, including, Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Staples, and more. The result has been a ten-fold increase in revenue since 2007, under Dr. Green’s leadership. “He’s an innovator at heart. He’s driven and relentless and rarely takes no for an answer,” Domino said. “He is a strong, ethical leader that stresses a company-first, “all-in” culture. He’s at his best when working at the intersection between applied science, technology, and product development. We’re proud to maintain a strong relationship with Dr. Green and thrilled that he’ll continue to serve as an Advisor to the Board of Directors.”