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A researcher whose influence spans the globe
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A researcher whose influence spans the globe

Congratulations, Dr. Doane.
Featured in Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine’s Eight Over 80
April 30, 2018 Issue

J. William Doane, 83
A long-time innovator who still considers himself the lucky one

J. William "Bill" Doane would have us believe that he is the fortunate one. Lucky to have come to Kent State University as an assistant professor in 1965, the same year the university's Liquid Crystal Institute (LCI) was founded. Lucky to get into liquid crystal research "on the ground floor" just as the field was taking root. Lucky to have had so many great colleagues, grad students and post-docs during his 13 years as LCI director.

But, John West, who worked with Doane for 34 years and eventually succeeded him as LCI director, says the institute, the university and even the liquid crystal community at large are really the fortunate ones. 

"LCI would not be here today without Bill Doane," he said, "at least not in its current form. … He's responsible for making it the world-class institute it is today."… Read the full article.