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Kent Displays receives 2017 Manufacturing Award from Smart Business
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Kent Displays receives 2017 Manufacturing Award from Smart Business

Today’s manufacturers face a bevy of emerging risks. Kent Displays exemplifies energy and focus to conquer these risks on all fronts. That's why Smart Business Cleveland salutes Kent Displays Inc. as one of its 2017 Evolution of Manufacturing award winners for its commitment to the industry and the region.

As seen in Smart Business:

National Manufacturing Day is an opportunity for manufacturers to address common misperceptions about their industry and demonstrate what manufacturing is and what it isn’t. In November, Albert M. Green, Ph.D., CEO at Kent Displays Inc., and his employees opened their doors to students from Stanton Middle School in Kent and members of the University of Akron Electronics Club. Exciting hands-on activities were among the highlights at this invitation-only event, which shone a spotlight on research and development, advanced manufacturing, marketing and quality assurance. The goal was to educate students to understand the complexities of modern manufacturing and to inspire them to consider the wide variety of careers available at a successful manufacturing facility.

“National Manufacturing Day gives us the opportunity to promote the diverse opportunities available in a modern-day advanced manufacturing company in Ohio, and spark an interest in the students that can motivate them to explore and excel in the industry,” says Green, who is serving his third term on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Council, the principal private sector body advising the Secretary of Commerce on U.S. manufacturing.

Kent Displays presented a donation and provided an orientation on the role of engineering in advanced manufacturing to the University of Akron Electronics Club in honor of National Manufacturing Day.
By working together during and after this day, manufacturers can begin to address the skilled labor shortage they face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry.

Kent Displays is proud to be among the other Northeast Ohio companies recognized, including; Bettcher Industries Inc., Delta Systems Inc., Fannie May Confections, Horsburgh & Scott, Jakprints, Jamestown Container Cos., Jergens Inc., OMNI Systems Inc., Orlando Baking Company, Soft-Lite Windows, and Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.